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People we've helped

One of our key aims is to encourage and assist young people from the Highlands to pursue a career in aviation. We do this by promoting awareness of and encouraging young people to consider a career in aviation, and by granting bursaries to assist qualifying individuals with gaining the necessary qualifications for their chosen career. 

Some examples of those we have helped are given below. 

Mark Brown P&J 4th April 2004_edited.jpg

Mark Brown

Airline pilot

I started flying with Fulmar Gliding Club at RAF Kinloss, going solo aged 16. From there, after gaining Silver C qualification,  I was able to qualify to fly in both Junior and Senior Nationals competitions for several years. I also had the chance to train and operate as a Basic Instructor for the gliding club. 


I was fortunate to receive an Air League Scholarship which allowed me to complete a PPL.  The following year I was generously awarded both an Air League Bursary and also the Fresson Trust Grant, allowing me to add IMC and night ratings to my PPL. This was all with the goal of pursuing a career as an Airline Pilot, however the pilot market post 9/11 was fairly barren.  


After completing a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Glasgow University, the job market had improved somewhat and I joined the CTC wings course.  I graduated and joined EasyJet as a First Officer on the 737 in Newcastle, before moving onto the Airbus based in Milan.  I moved to British Airways on the Airbus almost 10 years ago, achieving my command after 5 years.  Current issues aside, I thoroughly enjoy my job for the variety and challenges it provides and also the opportunities it affords me both in and out of work.


I was very fortunate to receive financial help from the Fresson Trust early in my career, it gave me the opportunity to improve my flying and qualifications.  Perhaps more importantly though, it gave me the confidence that I could pursue my dream in aviation.  Exposure to each interview or selection process makes the next stage that little bit more familiar. Grants such as the Fresson trust allow you to experience flying you may not have been able to afford, they are also strong proof of your motivation for future employers.

Chris reed

airline pilot

Chris Reed presentation 9th May 23.jpg

I passed my MEP and MEIR in November 2021 and passed my CPL in January 2022. 

In March I was fortunate enough to be offered an assessment with Loganair. I’m extremely pleased to say that the outcome was successful. I officially started with Loganair in April and have been undergoing my type rating, ground training and line training over the past 3-4 months. I’m thrilled to inform you that I past my final line check approximately 2 weeks ago and am now flying on the line as a first officer on the ATR. 

Once again, I would like to say a huge thank you to The Trust for trusting me and believing in my ability. 

Neil Dennehy with RF 13 Aug 19_edited.jpg

Neil dennehy

trainee pilot

I got confirmation yesterday that I passed the last set of my ATPL exams! I'm now booked in to start my practical training at ACS in mid August, and I've started lining up my MCC/JOC and UPRT courses for later in the year.


Although this isn't a great time to be graduating, I'm confident that the job market will improve and I'll eventually be able to secure my first role. I'm also in the process of applying for scholarships to study a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) to enable me to be more employable, and in future progress to executive level roles within an airline. 


I just wanted to use this opportunity to pass on my deep thanks and gratitude to you and your colleagues at the Fresson Trust for helping me to finance my groundschool training to pursue a career in aviation, and I'll keep you updated with my future progress. 

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